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Hello I'm Quanzy. I heart eating, Caribou, Au Bon Pain, Dots, Sequins, Betsey Johnson clothing, ferrets, Shopping, Blogging and exploring. I have a passion for food, art, fashion, and photography. I wouldn't mind pursuing my career as a popular journalist, a great (and recognized) cook, an art/graphic artist, a book writer, and/or a fashion designer. I look up to people such as Betsey Johnson, Nicki Minaj and more. One of the main things in my life I'm trying to improve is my attitude, positiveness on/in things and letting God into my heart♥ Is that too much to ask? I think not

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A new love: Nutella and Miguel♥
Monday, December 26, 2011 | 7:38 PM | 0 said something about it
I never did understand why millions around the world adored Nutella so much, but I now finally understand :] When I first even heard of it (early 2011), I was like: "What? Nutella?", haha, I know that was an odd thing; not knowing what Nutella is, but hey, some learn at different paces ^^ But anyways, ever since  I've heard of Nutella, I've always told myself: "Whenever I finally get to try this Nutella, cherish this moment" lol I don't know why, I just did.. So anyways I did try it and I did cherish the moment I sank my teeth in it ^u^ I even remember my first time trying it : 12.22.11 *
The next day I eventually spotted a Nutella To Go box at my local Walmart, boooy was I screaming with joy, I made sure I got some ^^ I just love the Hazelnut-y taste within the chocolate :DDD Something I will NEVER regret getting guys haha
I also have a new love for the singer Miguel* I've heard his song "Sure Thing" MONTHS ago, loving the song but not really paying attention to the person who made it (I knew who he was, but just looked at him as a random singer, you know..) So eventually I've heard some few of his other songs, LOVING it :DD, something to listen to other than Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, etc.. (still love 'em though!)


"Girls Like You" by Miguel

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